Watermelon Pop

School is not going well at all.
I hate writing on this blog.
I suck.


In a thousand years, I'll get right on it.

Gen Con:
I won't go into much detail here since everyone else has con reports, but I will talk about a couple mods I went through.
MoH House of Madness- The last mod in the Delirium stone saga, this was an excellent mod with a good mix of investigation and exciting combat. The table was a great balance with my shifter, a warforged juggernaut, cleric, master inqusitive, and wizard. The last combat really had an epic feel to it which really gave us a major sense of accomplishment.
Greyhawk Special-I ended up at a slightly underpowered APL 6, with our only cleric playing up from 4. The first three combats were really fun, even though we were barely making it through them. I think each of us spent some time inside the strength sucking undead blob. However, when we met the ogre barbarian with a spiked chain we were clearly outclassed. It didn't take long for us to start dropping, so I just cast invis on myself and a corpse and got out of there quick. We ended up with three out of five dead with me as one of the survivors.
Random comments-everyone now knows about my KODT live read experience but I'll just add that I slightly cringed everytime the guy playing the little boy mispronounced my character's name(Croix-he said cro-icks). I stopped by the anime area after the live read to check out something a friend recommended, which was decent but nothing spectacular. I was gonna stay to watch something else but the ceiling over the anime area starting shaking like crazy and they had to temporarily evacuate that hallway, and I didn't bother to stick around. Apparently they had made the mistake of playing "Jump Around" at the Gen Con Dance, so they were a bunch of gamers jumping in rhythm directly above our heads. I think if they do the dance next year, I think they'll put it on the first floor somewhere or they just won't play songs that encourage jumping.

Holes in my mouth:
The Tuesday after GenCon I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. When I woke up after the surgery, I was still feeling kinda giddy for a while. In addition for atleast 24 hours my mouth was completely numb, making it a great feat just to eat chicken broth properly. What was really annoying was a couple days later one of my stitches partially detached detached but the other end was still hanging on, so I just a string dangling in the back of my mouth for a while. I pretty much healed now and can even eat crunchy stuff like chips again(speaking of which, garden salsa Sun Chips are the greatest chips ever).

School this semester seems like it won't be too bad, but most of it will probably be a little more boring than usual. I kind of like having most of Tuesday and Thursday free, and the other days won't be any worse than high school, and I have a couple breaks in the day which are nice.
Accounting-Managerial accounting this semester. All we've done so far is basic management styles and ethics, but hopefully things will pick up soon. The teacher runs the class like a small classroom, which doesn't work in the auditorium at the College of Business.
American Culture-The material for this class actually seems interesting, and the class shouldn't be too hard. The teacher for this actually seems as if he wants to teach, unlike other teachers I've had who just want to talk at us.
English-Business writing. Not very exciting. The teacher is a graduate student, and it's obvious that she doesn't know how to teach a class.
Japanese-Don't expect to hear much about this class unless something especially interesting happens. Just assume I'm enjoying it.

That's all for now. Expect another update in four months.



Blah. I need a break. School has been extremely busy, but for the most part I'm getting through okay. I failed my second American Diversity test, so I have no chance to pass that class. I really haven't had time to look for a summer job, but now I'm thinking I'd rather just relax this summer. My finals will be finished a week after Monday, so it would probably be a good idea to start planning on the move out. I'll need at least one saturn wagon's worth of room for my stuff.

A little while ago, I also signed up for classes for next semester. Here they are:
Electronic Spreadsheets/Internet and Presentation Tools-These are two five week non-credit computer courses required for all business majors. I would have signed up for the proficiency exams, but there were none available so I thought I might as well take the courses.
Managerial Accounting-Another Accounting class
American Culture-the replacement for American Diversity
Language and Composition 2-Business writing class. Hopefully better than my last English class
Japanese-new teacher and more writing

I should probably get back to work now. I've got a Democracy test on Tuesday, and a speech on Wednesday.


Color Blind

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April Fool

So, most of my classes are still going pretty well. Most of them. American Diversity, however, is not going well at all. I got the first test back the monday after Spring Break(4 weeks after the test), and found out that I had failed it. I wouldn't be as mad that it took him so long to grade it had it not also delayed us getting it back until after it was too late to drop the class. Today I took the second test in the class, and I don't think I did any better than the first test. If I did fail the test today, it'll be pretty much impossible to pass the class. Well that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Hopefully the next time I post there will be something better to talk about.


Sangatsu Tsuitachi

To those that have been nudging me to update I must point out that I am actually updating sooner than I said I would.

School has been pretty busy lately, but right now I really don't have all that much to do.
Japanese: not much new to say here. Got an 92 on the recent test.
Speech: After I gave my first speech I was talking to the teacher as everyone was leaving, and he said that I had a good speech. It's always a good thing to have the teacher compliment you on
your speech.
Am. Diversity: This class is pretty damn boring. I don't really like the essay test format. However, I have been doing pretty well in there, and whether I like it or not essays are really the only way to test knowledge of the material.
Ideal of Democracy: Somewhat more interesting topics. The grade in this class so far is based on 2 easy 10 question quizzes. I'm really not sure If there is going to be anything more substantial affecting my grade.
Accounting: Still pretty easy to understand everything. I don't know what I got on the first test yet, but I knew the answer to pretty much everything.

Not much else has been going on since my last update. I've got a planning session with my advisor later today, so I'll know generally what I'll be taking next semester.

I need to get cake.


Inspector #3

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Invade a small country.

Get your resolution here

This is actually my resolution every year, but I've only succeeded a few times.

Back at school again, and my life is as uninteresting as ever. 3 days into the new semester and my new roommate hasn't shown up. This leads me to believe he isn't coming and I have the room to myself this semester. Here are my first impression of my classes this semester:
Japanese: Pretty much the same as last semester, except with a few new faces. Most of my friends from this class last semester are in my class again this semester so that's good. Plus, there is a pretty cute girl sitting next to me, and she seems nice. Stay tuned for developments...
Ideal of Democracy: or, why the U.S. government is messed up. The teacher isn't quite a hippy, but he's close. I'm not sure if I'll actually like this class, but I don't think I'll hate it.
American Diversity: Basically, a history class that looks at the stuff most history classes skim over. The tests will all be in class essays, for which we have to buy exam bluebooks. I can't get over the fact that we have to pay to take the tests. I'm not sure if I'll actually hate this class, but i don't think I'll like it.
Speech: A speech class. The teacher is a graduate student, so grading might not be that tough. I'm pretty sure I'll be bored most days of this class.
Accounting: A lecture class that's usually taught in small classes. So far everything that's been taught I already know about accounting, but everything I know has been taught. In two days. Should be interesting.

That should be all for now. I'll probably post again in about two months.